Mini Asian Products Haul

IMG_2915After yoga class, I decided to go shop around Etude House, Sasa and Watsons to look for some new cosmetics to try. I picked up a couple of items from each store and here they are!

Etude House – Collagen Eye Gel Patch (HKD250 for 10)
These came in a packet of 10 but you can also get them individually packed. The lady at the counter told me that this collagen eye gel is meant to be very hydrating and help reduce under eye dark circles and puffiness. There were also other types of eye masks in store which focused on helping to reduce fine lines, but I thought that the collagen eye gel patch would be more appropriate for my current skin condition as I am still quite young and don’t have many fine lines. (yet!!)

Etude House – Fresh Me Up Eau de Perfume 20mL (HKD128)
There were 7 perfumes in their range, all with very pretty packaging. I had a sniff of each one and this was my favourite! It has a very fresh fruity scent which I like a lot. It is quite small in size which is perfect to keep in my handbag for when I want to freshen up and smell nice after a long day of work!

Dolly Wink – Eyebrow Pencil in Bitter Chocolate (No.03) from SaSa (HKD55)
I have been using the Canmake eyebrow powder duo and Cybercolours eyebrow pencil for so long that I decided that I wanted to try something new! I read a couple of reviews online and decided to give this Dolly Wink one a go! There are three shades of brown in the range and I went for the darkest one.

Etude House – Bling Bling Eye Stick #01 White and #10 Brown (HKD 38 each)
I swatched a couple of these bling bling eye sticks from etude house and picked up these two colours. I thought the white bling bling stick would be perfect to use around the inner corners of my eyes when I have heavier make up on to brighten up the eye area. The brown bling bling stick would be great for my bottom waterline to achieve a more smudged-out, natural look when paired with a brown smokey eye.

L’Oreal – Volume Supreme Millions from Watsons (HKD129)
I have always been a fan of L’Oreal’s Million Lashes Mascara Collection. I have previously tried the one in black packaging and one in gold packaging and have loved them both as they were very volumising and kept my lashes curly for the entire day! Therefore I am also excited to give this one a go to see if it will live up to it’s reputation.

IMG_2933 IMG_2934
Etude house also gave me a few samples to try out. Including the BB Cream, Green Tea Face Mask and the Silk Scarf Hair Treatment!

I am very excited to try out all these new products and I will write a review of the products which I found good!

By the way – I got a new haircut yesterday! My previous hair length was quite messed up as the layering was a bit weird. I got it cut and blow dried at a Japanese Salon in Central and I am soooo happy with the results! I love it! If only I knew how to blow-dry like this lady!!! :P

Lots of Love, Tweedle D xoxoxoxo

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